AXEL Go Solution for Your Team

Your Team

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to working in a team. Whether you’re looking for a more secure way to work with your team remotely or want to allow or restrict access to certain files and folders on a need-to-know basis, AXEL Go is built to keep your team moving forward in a secure and productive manner.

Work Remotely in a Controlled Environment.

With remote work becoming more commonplace, it’s important to have a structured and controlled environment to collaborate with your team when you’re out of the office. As long as you have internet access, you can securely use AXEL Go anywhere you want on any device you use.

Manage Permissions in Your Team’s Shared Storage.

As the admin of your shared storage, you have the ability to invite or delete users from AXEL Go to create the team that you want. Once you’re done setting up your shared account, you can manage folder and file permissions in the shared storage so team members see only what they need to see.

Keep Track of Team Activities.

The AXEL Go interface comes with a specialized admin view for you to see your team’s activities on the platform. You’ll be able to conveniently see what your team is sharing, receiving, or storing at all times. You can also download an activity log report for further analysis of what everyone is doing.

Your Clients

Working with clients can be a learning curve, especially when they’re unfamiliar with you and your team’s workflow. Luckily, AXEL Go simplifies the process by providing easy-to-understand features that anybody can pick up without having to be trained on a completely new platform.

AXEL Go Solution for Your Clients

Safely Retrieve Forms and Documents.

Client intake can be an incredibly time-consuming and strenuous affair for a business or a law firm. Simplify it by sending a Secure Fetch to safely request files from your client. Recipients simply have to drag and drop the files right into the fetch link. The best part? Your clients don’t need an AXEL Go account in order to respond to your request.

Maintain Client-Data Confidentiality.

For many industries and businesses such as those in the legal field, you have an obligation to maintain client-data confidentiality. AXEL Go ensures your files are completely safe from potential data breaches. In fact, we’re so confident in the security of our platform that we backed up our system with a $10,000 guarantee. You can learn more about this here.

Include or Request an eSignature.

AXEL Go comes with its own eSignature function when sharing or requesting a document with your clients. You and your clients can create legally binding documents by adding electronic, digital signatures directly to your contract or agreements. Use the touch screen of your mobile device to write a real, personalized signature for desktop instead of a font substitution.

AXEL Go Solution for Your Business

Your Business

Running a business involves handling sensitive information on a daily basis. Without proper security protocols in place, your business is constantly at risk for data breaches. AXEL Go is built with advanced digital security technology to help businesses run their day-to-day operations safely without the looming threat of a digital security breach.

Set Passwords on Your Most Sensitive Files.

Set two-factor authentication on Your Most Sensitive Files. Need extra protection for files with sensitive information about your business? Protect your most important files using our Secure Storage. Our AES-256-bit password encryption will guarantee your files are completely secured from hackers and malicious agents.

Protect Your Business with Decentralized Servers.

Most commonplace cloud and file sharing services are susceptible to being hacked due to their centralized nature. AXEL Go uses an InterPlanetary File System (IPFS): a high-performance, distributed server network protocol comprised of hundreds of Server Nodes. Our servers are distributed globally to enhance stability and prevent cyberattacks and keep your files safe.

Flexible Plans for all Sizes.

AXEL Go provides an array of affordable subscription plans that work for individual professionals as well as teams of all sizes. Similar file sharing or storing services cost upwards to triple what AXEL Go offers and lack the same security capabilities we provide. Our flexible subscription models give you plenty of room to grow as a business and allow you to add as many team members as you need.

Your Workflow

Everybody has their own system when it comes to organizing, sharing, and receiving documents. AXEL Go offers the tools you need to strengthen your current workflow by allowing you to manage and move your files as you see fit. Our interface is built to enhance your current file and document work process.

AXEL Go Solution for Your Workflow

Control How Long Files are Accessible.

Part of your workflow depends on how you share or receive files. When it’s time to send a document or request a file, you can control how long the recipient has access by either extending or shortening the expiration date. Once the link expires or is deleted, the file or the request will no longer be accessible. 

Organize How You Want

Having a disorganized filing system can be very disruptive to your work. AXEL Go lets you structure your files and folders how you want them. Edit the name of your shares, fetches or documents, add as many or as few folders as you’d like, and use AXEL Go’s bookmark feature to group shares together into lists in a way that works for you.

Replace FTP

Most file-sharing solutions have file size limits which usually pushes people to operate outside of their workflow and use FTP to share extremely large files. Unfortunately, the problem with FTP is that it’s not built to be secure. AXEL Go is a safer alternative that allows you to share files of any size without compromising your data security.

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